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Asado, I mean pickwick, at asado, but it’s permantly closed, but it’s open until 6…

Are you confused 🤷🏻‍♀️!? Because I was 🙋🏻!

I saw this coffee sign on Instagram and of course the coffee lover in me wanted to see it ( and gram it 😊) 
The geotag location that pops up on Instagram is Asado coffee. So I googled asado – two locations ( one far north and one in river north and one closed in the loop) so river north I went. No sign 😕

But… I chatted up the barista at Asado river north and she told me that it was owned by pickwick now!! I still got a coffee from asado and it was good (almond milk and soy milk 🍼) 

So I googled pickwick ( it’s pickwickcoffeestables) and found it on Jackson! So off I went 🚗➡️☕️

When I got there. There was no parking. But take your first right and there’s lots of street parking if you are a Chicago 🌃 driver like this gal! ( vroom vroom) 

I got there and it was as magical as I had hoped and dreamed  ⭐️

And when I went to post my pic post cup of Joe- the location that popped up… was still Asado coffee…. so pickwick step up your geotag game! So go to pickwick coffee to enjoy their coffee and the sign but geo tag Asado coffee. 

( I’ve tagged the exact right location for all you amazing folk) 

The End 

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