These are a few of my favorite things

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Valentines Day is right around the corner, here is my little cheat sheet to help you find the perfect thing for the women you love, or a little something sweet for your Galentines Day!

  1. The 2017 Classic Planner from Horacio Printing! Shop This Planner for $43.50 /Reason why I love it, it’s not your average planner- Full of support and inspiration for your daily grind! And premium thick paper- nothing flimsy about this bad boy.
  2. Tom Ford White Patchouli Perfume! Shop This Scent for $120-$168  /Reason why I love this, not only does it smell elegant, but the bottle is too.
  3. OSEA Blemish Balm Vegan Moisturizer! Shop This Moisturizer  for $44  /Reason why I love it is because well, who doesn’t love clean skin, and this stuff works!!
  4. H&M Grey Scarf with Fringe! Shop This Scarf for $14.99 / Reason why I love it, it’s a soft fabric made from RECYCLED polyester. Love to recycle anyway I can!
  5. Sloan&Tate Venice Tank Bra in Black! Shop This Bra for $34, there is also a heather gray option but black and white always has my heart! / Reason why I love it, it’s ridiculously comfortable cotton and is made in L.A. in the U.S.A.!
  6. BottayBag white lace thong! Shop This Bootay  for $12 a month, yah it’s a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION of undies! / Reason why I love it, you can add a bralette for $13, you can never have enough new pretty undies!
  7. Uberliss hydrating shampoo, conditioner and rituoil! Shop This Haircare routine for $31-$35.95 per item / Reason why I love it, it’s a sulfate-free yet FOAMING shampoo, that actually strengthens and rehydrates. Hair dreams do come true!
  8. Essie Polish Wicked and Blanc! Shop wicked and blanc for $9 Each / Reason why I love them – the contrast, make a dark french, play with your nail designs, and Essie just always lasts longer for me and feels elegant and smooth every time!
  9. Maria Black Monocle Rings in Black! Shop These Rings for $54 Euro/ Reason why I love them, they are a black silver and a pretty little piece for your finger.
  10. Anthropology mini capri blue jar candle! Shop This Candle for $12 dollars / Reason why I love it, it’s a soy wax blend that has a 25 hour burn time, a lot of punch for a little candle, that’s why I have them in every room of my house!
  11. Richmond&Finch Black Marble Glossy Phone Case! Shop This Case for $46 (They are available for the iPhone 6-7) / Reason why I love it, it’s impact resistant which I definitely need since I drop my phone a lot..


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