What about him!?

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My top 5 last minute gift ideas for him… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Speaking of time, my first gift is a Wood Watch by JORD ! This is the Sawyer Model made of Ebony&Ultramarine, this timepiece retails for $395, but I can get you $25 OFF if you click HERE ! Reason why I love it, besides how sleek and sophisticated it looks, there is NO battery needed!  sawyer-56-front-angled


Ladies, as you know your shoes should always match your purse, so get your man the shoes to match his watch, or just get him these Ted Baker London black leather almond toe boots because they are on SUPER SALE at Nordstrom Rack (I mean 64% off) that’s a lot! Click HERE to shop these leather goods in black, brown or tan leather! Reason why I love them, I think they look nice on him and he thinks they are comfortable!


Shiny Watch √  Shiny Shoes √ So how about a Shiny Smile!?

This electric smile shiner from GOBY comes in 5 rainbow colors ( he has the black I have the magenta) they retail for $50 but I have a referral discount for you HERE! Reason why I love it, they offer a free 60 day trial with free shipping and returns. I know it’s good, they know it’s good, but now you can find out for yourself hassle and $ FREE!


Now that his teeth are clean, what are you going to get him to wet his whistle with?

I have no idea what your man likes to drink so I can’t answer that, but I can recommend this Admiral Liquor Decanter from Viski!  for $34.99 ! Reason why I love it, it’s beautiful cut crystal glass, but it’s also a great staple gift piece to build off of. Viski sells Admiral cut crystal tumblers for $17.99 each, and every other beverage accessory your man could need or want!


Last but not least, Pendleton’s Maverick Merino Wool Shirt! It comes in Blue and Red (red is the one I got for my man, and is the perfect pick for Valentine’s Day). They are 25% OFF at backcountry for $111.71! Reason why I love it,  it’s made of 100% merino wool fabric woven in the U.S.A. with a LIFETIME manufacture warranty for the win!


Happy Valentines Day!






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