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Happy Friday Friends!

Here’s a quick shopping guide of my top 3 workout wear essentials! I have at least three pairs of all of these (in different colors of course) because they work and are all UNDER $100, first two UNDER $50!! ($USD)

1) Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoes. They are very light weight and honestly just the most comfortable workout shoe I’ve ever worn! (Makes Them very travel friendly!!)

The ones in this image are the black/ aluminum ones!

And they are ON SALE at Finish Line for $49.98! SHOP HERE!

2) Nike Dry Element Women’s Long sleeve Running Top! They are so easy to just throw on over a sports bra/ dri fit so you don’t get wet when you sweat, and really soft/ so works out great when I end up just wearing my workout clothes all day until I finally force myself to hit the gym! ( This heather green is my favorite color option) Only $44.97 SHOP HERE!

3) Lululemon Inspire Tight II – I love these because they have a little mesh at the bottom (not in the thigh because come on ladies that’s not practical for working out ) but they still look fashionable and are a little tighter so they give you that compression feel, and they have pockets that ZIP!! They perfect running or lifting pant for $98.00 SHOP HERE!


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