The unnamed “margarita” 

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A lot of you have been asking me about last weeks Spicy Margarita I showed off on my story on Cinco de Mayo ! That beauty was 💯 % made up that day by me and my boyfriend ( ok mostly him but I drank most of it… doesn’t that count for something!?) 

It was delicious/ healthy/ clean / and spicy 🌶 so please find the rough version of the recipe below! Also haven’t named it yet! What would you name it?

The Unamed “Margarita” 

Ingredients : 1 pitcher / 1 cucumber / 1 Lemon / 2 Jalapeños / Tequilla / sparkling water 💦 

{ We used Patron Silver and La Croix Lime sparkling water with organic fruits from Whole Foods

1) Pour as Much Tequilla as you plan on drinking in the pitcher !

2) Cut up the two jalapeños ( its spicy so only one if you can’t take the heat and if you want more heat switch it up with Serrano or habenaro peps) and add them to the pitcher too.

3) Cut up the whole cucumber and throw that in there too. 

4) Cover the picture and let sit for at least 2-4 Hours – the longer the more flavorful! 

4)Then pour over ice half glass pitcher product / half glass sparkling water! 

5) Cut up the lemon and add squeeze a slice to every fresh drink and add as garnish 🍹 

Cheers Friends  – #xoxojackie 

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