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How do you unWINEd!? 

This wine loving girl decided to try out some wine clubs, because wine not?  Now I’m sharing  with you the three I tried with their pros and cons. ( Spoiler alert I saved the best for last!!)

Vinebox is a cute little box that comes to your door once a month with three tubes of wine ( 1 glass worth a tube)
Con: Only three tubes / glasses so getting less than a bottle of wine for the price of $25 a month. Also all Italian and French Reds. So if you love those Cali wines this is not for you 🚫

Pro: You try new wines and can set it for all reds or whites or mix it up. 

Second subscription I tried was WINC. Also once a month delivery to your front door of 4 bottles. 

Con: You are spending up to if not over $100 a month. 

Pro:  They give you $20 free bucks upfront, free shipping, and have a really amazing selection of wines. I got to try Summer Water Rosé through them and I was yes way about it 💕

And last, but my favorite, is Winestyr 🍷
It’s a physical location ( beautiful in the west loop, that you can go have FREE Tastings at, Yep Free) and then you get wine sent to your house. 

Con: You can taste there but you can not physically leave with any wine bottles. You can only order it there or online to be delivered to your home. 

Pro: You can do FREE Tastings at any time. They have a lot of amazing small Napa Valley Vineyard wines that are very hard to find elsewhere. You can order wine online at a members price at anytime or if you are a non member can still order wine for a little more money. 

As a club member they send you bottles of mixed or all reds, you set your preference. 3 bottles for $99 per shipment or 6 bottles for $179 per shipment. You can get them monthly, every other month or quarterly. 

I’m an all reds quarterly memeber because I love their suggestions but also find bottles at the tastings I like to order on top of that. Definitely gets five stars in my wine loving heart  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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