Everything’s fine. Just put on a little lipstick 💄 

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True beauty comes from the inside ❤️ but a little lipstick never hurt 💄 sharing some of my favorite beauty products that help me let out my inner Beyoncé 💃🏻

Below find my new fave #shelfie essentials to paint my face with every day + my favorite smell that makes me feel fresher than flowers 💐 

A girl has gotta prime then base it up! I’m a big fan of smashbox cosmetics, I start with their photo finish foundation primer, makes my pores not look like they exist, and helps all the rest of the makeup I put on my face last longer. Get it for $36.00usd :HERE!

I follow it up with the smashbox 15 hour wear studio skin hydrating foundation that actually lasts all day! For $42.00usd get it :HERE!

Then the BROWS! I love this dual brow highliter by IBY Beauty, it’s an instant arch lift/ brow pencil that blends like a boss and retails for only $8.00usd : HERE!

Next add the brow gel, I feel it looks the most natural and still gives you those Audrey Hepburn brows. My newest obsession is the Sourcils Styler Brow Gel by Lancome, it densifies and sets and holds my brows in place ALL DAY!! You can find it at Macy’s for $26.50 or shop online :HERE!

Time for eyeshadow! I’m a huge fan of the Mac pallets. I always customize in store to make my baby blue’s pop, but a huge fan of their new amber eye shadow palette which you can snag at Macy’s also for $32.00usd. Shop instore or :HERE!

To be real, everyone looks better with mascara! My new voluptuous lash addiction is L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise. Which you can get at TARGET for $7.49usd, I’ve also found it CVS  and Walgreens. Shop online at target :HERE!

Next is touchups and Highlights! A Higlter pen is heaven! This one by YSL, touche éclat radiance perfecting pen, is my magic under eye wand post eye makeup.. gives me that little extra something, you can buy it at Sephora for $42.00usd. Shop it :HERE!

Now let’s highlight those inner eyes to look more awake and fresh with the fresh glow highlighting luminous pen by Burberry. Find it at Nordstrom for $37.00usd, Shop it : HERE!

Getting cheeky, with Burberry’s beauty fresh glow luminous fluid base that I highlight up the cheeks, and follow up with the Burberry fresh glow powder highlighter. Buy the liquid Burberry base at Nordstrom for $48.00usd. Shop it :HERE!
And the Burberry Highlighter Powder also at Nordstrom for $68.00usd :HERE!

My favorite long lasting natural lip go to is by Jane Iredale, it’s their PureGloss Tinted Lip Gloss, ultra glossy and nurishing! Shop it for $26.00usd :HERE!

Don’t forget to powder your nose.. I finish off my face with a prime libre loose powder by Givenchy for that smooth matte finish. Get it at Sephora for $55.00usd :HERE!

BONUS: The smell that is fresher than flowers is by Givenchy ” Live Irresistible” you can buy it at Sephora for $70.00usd and it is spicy and sweet and really irresistible… Shop it : HERE!


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